Review: L’oreal Hair Spa DX Shampoo

Welcome, aboard! 

Today’s I want to share my experience using L’oreal Hair Spa DX Shampoo. It contains tea tree oil for stressed scalp​ and hair, also removes visible flakes, excess oil and odor. I bought this on Online Store for about IDR 130k.

I’ve been using this for 2 weeks because my scalp maybe stressed because its so flakey, not dandruffs but more like drying​ scalps. For more than 6 months in search of compatible shampo for my hair to remove the flakes and helps my oiky hair, finally I found this.

Usually I need to shampooing everyday, because my combination hair type. The upper roots more oily than the rest. But after using this shampoo, my hair last longer about 2 or 3 days with really great hair. Not oily, no odor, smells good and flakey scalps gone day by day. 😍😘😍😊
I still keep using this shampoo and will repurchase (definitely!)😘 

I reccomend this product for combination hair type, dandruff-case hair type, stressed scalp, flakey hair and oily hair type. 

Are you having others product to combat flakey hair scalps? Please tell me in the comment below πŸ˜‰

Good nite,


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